Back to work or still too dangerous to drive?

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Across Central Indiana, the roads are still messy, and getting to work isn’t easy.

“It was really bumpy because of the snow, I’d hate to be traveling too far,” said Dee Wilson, who did report to work Tuesday at the 3 Dimensions Styling Salon in Brownsburg.

“Mainly because I knew people wanted their hair done, and I have certain people that I know are going to come no matter what if they can,” Wilson said. “Nobody’s forced to come in, but I chose to come in because I had clients to do.”

But at the same time, a lot of people feel like they are being forced to come in to work. FOX59 spoke with a woman named Brandy who has a cleaning job and works third shift, but Brandy says at night the drifting snow makes it too dangerous to travel.

“My life is more important than a job, and I’m not risking my life and putting it in danger over a job,” she said. “If I go to work I’m putting my life at risk and everybody else’s, and if I stay home I could possibly lose my job.”

She’s not the only one wondering what to do, as officials warned people to stay off the roads, it wasn’t always clear who to listen to – your boss or your government officials?

And it’s a dilemma many people are facing this week, as businesses re-open their doors after their storm.

Even the Free Hand Tattoo shop is open again in Brownsburg.

“My boss Dave called this morning and said he was froze out,” said apprentice Chris Summers. “I was just up the street at a friend’s house so figured I’d go to the shop, and maybe someone would want to come in.”

But as of this afternoon, we were the only ones who’d walked thru the door.

“Hopefully someone will come in a little bit later and get something done,” Summers said. “We’ve got a pretty dedicated client base. They come hell or high water… just not snow or ice.”