Caution urged for Wednesday’s morning commute

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INDIANAPOLIS – People are urged to use caution as they take part in the first big morning commute after Sunday’s storm.

The main roads around the City are passable, according to Mayor Greg Ballard, which is why he brought the travel advisory down from orange to yellow, Tuesday evening. That means people can get out and drive on the roads if they have to.

But he warns, it’s not completely clear.

“People cannot assume that they’re gonna get to work in the same amount of time. And they’re not gonna get to the grocery store in the same amount of time. That is not going to happen,” he told reporters. “It should be passable as long as people keep their wits about themselves though.”

However, there is another concern. If drivers do slip on any patches of ice, there will be many more cars around them than there have been in the past two days.

“Just cause I might know how to drive don’t mean the next might,” said David Rosario of Indianapolis. He’s not as worried about the roads as he is about everyone driving around him.

“There are definitely still slick spots,” explained Lesley Gordon, spokeswoman for the Department of Public Works. “It is winter… so they will need to drive like winter.”

Officials advise to prepare for the morning rush by giving yourself additional time to get to your destination and leaving plenty of space between yours and other vehicles in case anyone needs to brake.