Extreme wind chills continue today but warmer air is returning

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The polar vortex was centered over central Indiana this morning for another bone chilling start to the day.  We had near record lows this morning and the city dropped to -14°F to start the day.  The record for this date is -17° set back in 1970.  Despite not hitting a new record, it was still brutal outside when you added in the wind.  Wind chills ranged from -30 to -40° yet again this morning.  By 10 AM, wind chill values had improved a little but -20 to -30° still feels unbearably cold.  You can see those wind chill values to the left.

Winter Advisories ADIMany of you are wondering what the wind chill will be like during the day, so here’s what we can expect in central Indiana.  We should make it close to 0° this afternoon if not slightly above 0°.   But when you add in the wind, we should have wind chills ranging from -10 to -20° throughout the day.  This is a small improvement from the -25 to -17° wind chills that will continue until the noon hour.  Our wind chill warning will finally expire at 7 PM.

JEN1With the core of polar air finally leaving central Indiana, temperatures are going to start to rebound!  The coldest temperatures overnight should come in just after midnight and we’ll be warming through Wednesday morning.  This is going to make a HUGE difference in the feels-like temperature as compared to this morning.  Temperatures will at least be in positive territory as we start the very early morning hours.  We’ll even make it into the double digits after sunrise!   For your wind chill tomorrow morning, you are looking at apparent temperatures between -1 to 5° which is a drastic change from how we started Tuesday morning.