Hamilton County downgrades from warning to watch

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HAMILTON COUNTY (Jan. 7, 2014) – Hamilton County officials downgraded the Travel Warning to a Travel Watch for all county roads in the unincorporated areas of the county (check travel advisories here).

Previously areas north of State Road 32 were under a Travel Warning and south were under a Travel Watch. This has changed and all roads are now under a Level 2 Orange Travel Watch.

A Travel Watch means drivers are restricted to emergency travel and to and from work. County highway officials said most roads are passable using extreme caution.

Residents are strongly encouraged to stay home unless absolutely necessary. If you have to go out, let someone know plans, routes, and times.  Carry an emergency kit including a charged cell phone, blankets or sleeping bags, food, water, and extra clothes. If the car becomes stranded, stay with the vehicle unless shelter is within sight.

In addition, Hamilton County officials said the Red Cross Shelter at Fall Creek Intermediate School in Hamilton County closed at 10 a.m. An additional shelter will open at the Hamilton County 4H Fairgrounds at noon. This shelter will accept pets as well as people.

Pets will be welcome in an area of the building if accompanied by the owners. Owners will be required to bring storage capabilities for their pets and all feeding, medication and maintenance requirements. Pet owners are encouraged to use common sense for which pets are to be brought. Interior home temperatures may drop to 20 degrees leaving all feline animals capable of remaining in the home. All dogs with long haired fur will be more than capable of remaining in the home. Small dogs, geriatric dogs and cats, exotic birds, etc, that may have difficulty with cold weather should be brought to the shelter.

Officials are urging all residents without power to seek warm shelter. If assistance is needed with transportation, please contact Hamilton County Communications at 317-773-1282. Public safety officials may be going door-to-door in areas affected by power outages. Please check on the elderly and others in need.

Owners must remain with their pets at the shelter and will be responsible for their care.