Hoosiers battle car trouble after historic storm

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INDIANAPOLIS – After Sunday’s snow storm, AAA Hoosier Motor Club received a high number of calls from people who needed help.

On Monday, AAA Hoosier Motor Club got about 1,800 calls, which is more than double what they normally receive in January when they don’t have bad weather. They believe they will exceed 1,800 calls on Tuesday.

“I think we’re seeing a lot (of calls) today simply because people are trying to get back to work. (They are) trying to get out of their homes (and) get to the grocery store and what have you,” Greg Seiter with AAA Hoosier Motor Club said.

The top reasons why people called them was because their car slid off the road, their battery died, or their locks were frozen.

Because of the dramatic increase of calls, it is harder for AAA to know how long it will take for them to get to people.

“We ask that people please be patient and understand. Do everything they can, certainly, to take care of themselves and keep themselves safe, but understand we’re going to get to you as soon as we possibly can,” Seiter said.

If people are stuck in a tough situation, Seiter said they should follow a few steps.

“The important thing is to be prepared so you want to make sure that you’ve got your vehicle properly prepared. Make sure that you have a lot of extra clothing (and) things to keep you warm,” Seiter said.

He continued to say you should turn your car on and off about every 30 minutes to keep warm, while you wait for assistance.

“Also, make sure people know where you are at. Not only (should) the people that you’re calling for assistance (know where you are, but) plan ahead and let those friends and family members know where you’re going so that you can call them for assistance too just in case you’re going to be trapped for an extended period of time,” Seiter said.

Some auto part stores are experiencing a higher volume of traffic too. Napa Auto Parts in Indianapolis off McCarty Street is running low of car batteries and deicers.

“We’re actually busier than what we would be. I’d figure more people would be chilling out (at) home with it being so cold and not worry about it,” Dennis Lutane Assistant Store Manager said.

Lutane said they have been delivering supplies to stores and people, who are trying to get through this.

“I don’t really (think) its lack of poor planning on people’s part…it just happens,” Lutane said.