At least four IPS schools rush to fix damage caused by burst pipes

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Jan. 8, 2014)– At least four Indianapolis Public Schools and five buildings in the Hamilton Southeastern School District were damaged from bursting water pipes as sub-zero arctic wind chills have given way to thawing temperatures.

McFarland, Lew Wallace, Arsenal Technical and Crispis Attucks High Schools were the four IPS buildings with water damage. Classrooms and students will not be impacted by the pipe or sprinkler breaks once classes begin.

In Hamilton SE, four schools were damaged from water pipe breaks.

“I hate it. Miserable. Wet. Cold. Those are pretty poor conditions for anybody,” said Miquel Morales of Indiana Restoration and Cleaning Service as he dried out the floor at Fall Creek Intermediate School.

From an Avon hair salon, to a Zionsville church, to the Boys & Girls Club in Lebanon, to the Girl Scouts of America headquarters on Indianapolis’ westside, tennants and businesses are coping with broken water pipes left in the wake of near record cold temperatures.

Morales said that just because the temperature is warming, homeowners and businesses haven’t necessarily dodged the dilemma.

“Its kind of Catch 22. Right now you feel like you’re over it. In reality once the pipes start to thaw out there’s a potential for the rupture to take place and that’s when the loss normally occurs. “In most cases, unfortunately, the areas are unaccessible. They’re behind a wall, they’re in a crawl space, they’re in an attic and we as homeowners don’t typically think to check those areas.” Morales said homeowners should be aware of the main shut off valve to halt water flow into a house to minimize damage from a leak until a plumber can isolate the problem.