Carmel family stranded in NY finally home

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INDIANAPOLIS – A Central Indiana family is glad to be home after being stranded in airports and hotels for nearly a week, partly due to the massive winter storm that pummeled the Midwest and east coast.

Angie and Richard Sontag and their children of Carmel touched down at Indianapolis International Airport around 8:15 p.m., Wednesday.

“We’re home!” cheered Richard as he and his family walked out of the terminal.

“I’m a little tired, but I’m glad to be home, definitely,” added Angie.

The journey home lasted much longer than they ever expected. The family of six was in Brazil for a wedding. They were originally due back home last Thursday, but a series of unfortunate events and bad weather altered their plans.

“I wouldn’t have guessed that starting off last Thursday that six days later we would just now be getting back,” said Angie.

First, they missed a connecting flight in Brazil, because of a flight delay. They didn’t get to New York until Saturday. Then Mother Nature slammed into the Midwest on Sunday.

The Sontags were stuck.

“When it just keeps going on and on and on, eventually it gets comical, because you’re like, ‘There’s no way this flight just got canceled! Did this really happen?’,” said Richard.

One of their sons hitched a ride from New York to his college and the rest caught a flight out of LaGuardia Airport on Wednesday afternoon.

While some may say the Sontags were lucky to have missed this week’s major snow storm, the family doesn’t agree. They would have taken being stuck at home over being stuck in an airport, any day.

“It’s been highs and lows. I think the family’s tried to make the best of it,” said Angie.

The Sontags hope they’re not returning to any broken pipes or furnace. They’ve had neighbors taking care of their house while they were away.