Crews in Noblesville battle house fire

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NOBLESVILLE (Jan. 8, 2014) – Crews in Noblesville battled a house fire Wednesday morning.

The Noblesville Fire Department was dispatched around 5:50 a.m. in response to a 911 call about the fire. Crews arrived at a home in the 200 block of Stony Lane to find a home completely engulfed in flames. The size of the fire prevented firefighters from going inside.

The homeowners were not staying at the residence when the fire broke out. They said the power kept going in and out following this week’s storm, so they left to stay with relatives. The home’s geothermal heating unit was not functioning properly, they told Noblesville firefighters. The power came back on around 2 p.m. Monday, but the heating unit was still malfunctioning.

No one was hurt, and fire officials said the cause was still under investigation.