INDOT, Indy Snow force working around the clock to clear roads

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Jan. 8, 2014)– Road crews continue to tackle the snow and ice that quickly became a problem on area roadways during a historic winter storm.

Employees with Indy Snow Force and the Indiana Department of Transportation have been working around the clock, and are confident they will make significant progress now that the temperature has risen.

“The more pavement we can see, that sunshine really starts to filter through and activates the chemicals already on the ground. We have plow crews out plowing off that slush and ice as it breaks up, but we have areas to work on, the ramps systems and state roads,” said INDOT spokesperson Nathan Riggs.

Riggs said even though their road salt is treated, the subzero temperatures rendered it nearly ineffective.

“We have a full force out. We have 90 plows on the roads,” said Lesley Gordon, Indy Snow Force spokesperson.

Indy Snow Force has had crews working around the clock since last Wednesday tackling major arteries and side roads. Several pieces of machinery also followed its contractors into neighborhoods Tuesday night to make sure there is an open lane.

“We are going to be in a fight for a little bit, and we want residents to be patient and understand that it will take them some time to get to their destinations,” said Gordon.

“Even though a lot of counties are downgrading their travel advisory status, drivers need to be aware there are still slippery and slick conditions out there, and they need to adjust to the driving conditions that they meet on the roadway,” said Riggs

The Indianapolis Department of Public Works also wanted to remind residents to shovel sidewalks, ensure access to hydrants, and clear storm inlets if possible. The melting snow could create localized flooding in some areas if storm drains are not clear.