Police urge continued caution on roads

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Despite improving conditions, emergency officials were asking Hoosiers to be mindful of dangerous stretches of roadway in Central Indiana.

Warming temperatures are now helping road crews in their fight against ice and slush. Salt mixes on pavement were becoming more effective by Wednesday afternoon. Most of the I-465 loop around Indianapolis was much improved compared to Tuesday.

But as soon as you get used to clear pavement, it’s easy to get caught off guard by a sudden stretch of ice.

“We’ve got some clear areas,” said Indiana State Police Trooper Mike Meinczinger. “But due to the fact that we do have some clear areas, you don’t need to be fooled by that and think that the entire roadways are clear.”

Meinczinger and his fellow Troopers have been working long hours since the snowstorm hit Sunday. He’s happy to see roads looking better. But he is also seeing a lot of drivers behaving like things are back to normal.

Too much speed. Too much tailgating. Too many quick lane changes.

“See we’re getting passed now,” he said while patroling I-465. “We’re doing 44, which I feel is okay. But they see that speed limit that says 55mph. Why can’t I do 55? But now we’re driving over a mine field. ”

The “mine field” was the I-74 ramp from I-465 heading west from Indianapolis. It has been a bad trouble spot for the last couple days.

“We were having issues with the semis jackknifing becuase it was just that slick,” he said.

Warming temperatures are expected to continue helping road conditions to improve for the next could days.

But until the pavement is completely clear, officials ask everyone to be on the lookout for sudden dangers.

“It’s not worth somebody getting hurt because you’re in a hurry, or you feel that this is nothing and I’ve drivin on worse,” Meinczinger said.