Postal Service working to bounce back from delays caused by storm

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Hoosiers may have experienced a delay in their mail after this latest winter storm. The United States Post Office won’t say exactly how many people experienced delays but they confirm some letters and packages did not make it on time.

Road conditions are being blamed for the delays. There was also concern about the safety of mail carriers during dangerous sub-zero temperatures.

“Some roads were you know entirely impossible to get through so we’ve done that, we have done everything that we can to deliver the mail when we could,” said Mary Dando, a U.S. Postal Service spokesperson for the Greater Indiana District.

On Wednesday it was still taking mail carriers a long time to get around the snow covered streets found in many subdivisions.

“Like some courts we couldn’t even get down, my truck couldn’t physically get down there without a wrecker or somebody pulling me out of there,” said mail carrier Damon Berry.

The post office has been delivering mail all week, even the day after the storm hit. A spokesperson expects service will be back to normal as road conditions improve.