With roads still slick, school districts close for fourth day

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INDIANAPOLIS (Jan. 9, 2014) – Due to slick road conditions, a lot of school districts have cancelled school again Thursday. While kids wait another day to get on the bus, plenty of work still needs to be done (check school closings and delays here).

IPS and a majority of school districts in Marion County made the decision to close late Wednesday afternoon. Staff have spent the last couple of days repairing school buses, and clearing snow on campus.

“The safety of our students, teachers and families is paramount,” tweeted IPS Superintendent, Dr. Lewis Ferebee. “Sidewalks are not clear. Can’t have our children walking in the street or bus stops.”

Beech Grove City Schools is still trying to dry up nearly six inches of water that flooded its K-1 building after a sprinkler system blew out. The furniture in Miss Byland’s first grade classroom was aired out on blocks. The damage is estimated at $10,000.

“It looks like quite an event right now,” said Tim Keeley, Beech Grove City Schools Assistant Superintendent. “We’re navigating how we’re going to bring the little kids in, because this is a kindergarten center. They’re going to be marching through so we can’t have the cables and everything here.”

Indiana students who missed school Wednesday and Thursday because of our winter weather will have to make up those days during the school year. The State Department of Education waived Monday and Tuesday’s snow days.