Emotional testimony on HJR3 heard by state leaders, delayed vote

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The Indiana House Judiciary Committee decided to delay a vote on HJR-3 and its companion bill Monday after listening to more than three hours of testimony from both sides.
It is unclear when they will reconvene. FOX59 learned some legislators had asked for more time.

“The greatest way you can protect religious liberty in Indiana, and the United States, is to defend the traditional view of marriage,” said an HJR-3 supporter.

Testimony focused on marriage, religion and even business.

The Indy Chamber and big businesses like Eli Lilly and Cummins expressed concerns about the passage of the proposal that they claim would hurt talent recruitment and retention.

“Top talent might choose to go to other states that may be deemed more tolerant, and these states are also home to our largest competitors,” said Steve Fry, Eli Lilly.

Democratic House Representative Ed DeLaney said he wants to see the proposal killed.

“I think one side was more honest with what they want, which the simple position is, let people who want to be married get the same legal rights. The other side tries to avoid all of the confusion and complexity that barring same-sex marriage causes,” said Rep. Delaney.

DeLaney also had a few words with Indiana attorney James Bopp who specializes in constitutional law and is an HJR-3 supporter.

“You know what the constitution does? It protects the rights of the people against you,” said Bopp to DeLaney.

DeLaney responded: “That’s what I wanted to hear. Thank you.”

“We already have a law against it now so I don’t understand why putting it in the constitution would change that because it’s already law. That’s one thing I’ve never understood,” said Rep. Greg Steuerwald, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, R-Danville.

Supporters of HJR-3 also urged state legislators to let the voters decide.

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