House committee weighs testimony on same-sex marriage ban, postpones vote

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A committee of lawmakers held a hearing Monday morning on the proposed constitutional ban being discussed in the Indiana General Assembly.

The resolution, now known as HJR3, was handed down Thursday on the House floor, and was again authored by Rep. Eric Turner, R-Marion. Turner’s resolution had been filed last session as HJR6, but was set aside.

The resolution would have to pass the legislature this session to be placed on November’s statewide ballot.  However, the Indiana House Judiciary Committee decided not to hold the vote Monday.

Turner has also authored a companion bill, House Bill 1153, which attempts to clarify the controversial second sentence in the marriage amendment which states that “a legal status identical or substantially similar to that of marriage for unmarried individuals shall not be valid or recognized.”

Speaker Brian Bosma sat down with Fox59 to discuss the controversy over same-sex marriage and other issues.

WATCH | On the Record: Bosma on HJR3, business tax issues

Bosma said HB1153 would clarify the second sentence to protect most domestic partnership rights, but not allow for civil unions.

Opponents said the companion bill only showed that the original amendment was flawed, and should be thrown out.

You can watch the hearing live on the Indiana General Assembly web site.

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