Plumbers warn next issue from melting snow will be overflowing sump pumps

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INDIANAPOLIS — It’s not often good news when the phone rings at a plumbing company.

“No one wants to call a plumber,” said AttaBoy Plumbers owner Richard Behney. “We’re not delivering flowers or pizzas!”

Central Indiana plumbers have been swamped since the snow storm last week, mainly dealing with frozen pipes.

Now there is a new concern.

“It’s not something we normally think of this time of year, but now we’re thinking about sump pumps,” said Behney. “As a company, we’re getting ramped up to handle sump pump and flooded basement concerns.”

With the huge amount of snow, sump pumps will get a good work-out when it starts to melt and seep into the ground.

You can check your sump pump system yourself.

“Take advantage of this warm weather and check to make sure your pump is operating and that it’s also discharging,” said Behney.

A letter Williams Comfort Air sent customers says, “Just pour a few buckets of water into the sump pit and make sure it’s working properly. You should also test your back up sump pump system by using the test/reset button. If you do not have a test/reset button, you can unplug the regular pump and fill the pit until the back up pump activates. Don’t forget to plug the primary pump back in. CAUTION: If the back up pump doesn’t work (and this happens a lot in older systems) and the primary pump doesn’t come back on, the system will need replaced.”

If you’re unsure or concerned, let the pros take a look. If you don’t check and your sump pump overflows, the price is high.

“Things can be dried out, and usually the services that do that, it runs anywhere from 5 to 8 thousand dollars, so it’s an expensive thing,” said Behney.

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