Noblesville homeowners walk in on burglary, Sheriff reveals what they did right

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HAMILTON COUNTY, IN — Two people are in jail in Hamilton County, charged with burglarizing homes in Noblesville.

The Hamilton County Sheriff says 38-year-old Amy Price and 30-year-old Aaron Harlow were caught thanks to pawn shop records, tips, and a homeowner who walked inside mid-burglary.

“Certainly it’s very concerning when folks are either home when someone tries to break in or come home and find someone in their home,” said Sheriff Mark Bowen. “It’s a very, very dangerous situation and certainly not a position that we want our citizens to find themselves in.”

Sheriff Bowen says the homeowner did the right thing Tuesday by staying out of the way and being a good witness.

A detailed description of a suspect running out the back and of a getaway car helped lead detectives to a gas station the next morning. There they found the car and Amy Price. They arrested Price on a parole violation and say she later confessed to committing five burglaries with Harlow in the last month.

If you ever come home during a burglary, Sheriff Bowen says you should stay out of their way.

“Certainly it’s a very, very volatile and dangerous situation and folks should just get out of their way and let them go and be a good witness,” said Sheriff Bowen. “Try to get a good description of the folks and a good vehicle description and report that immediately. Do not try to intervene or apprehend them on your own unless it’s a life and death situation and then certainly you have to do what you have to do at that point.”