Snow makes morning commute difficult; several cars stranded and damaged

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INDIANAPOLIS – A large number of crashes were reported after it snowed Thursday morning; Cars spun out of control and landed on the side of interstates.

This afternoon, the passenger of a Jackson Oil & Solvents truck was killed along I70 west. The driver of the truck was trying to slow down because the sheriff’s office and Indiana State Police were investigating a separate large car crash.

The truck could not stop. It rolled and landed close to cable barriers. The truck landed upside down. The passenger was wearing a seat belt, but he was crushed by his own truck. This crash happened near mile marker 102 in Hancock County.

The name of the passenger has not been released. According to law enforcement, the passenger was from the Indianapolis area.

It was a tricky morning and afternoon commute for many drivers. Along 465, drivers shared accounts about what happened to them and their cars.
Nick Cecil hurt his knee after his car crashed into the median on 465.

“I was just driving on our way into work and I was changing lanes and lost control of my car completely. (I) tried everything I could to save it, (but I) smashed into the median,” Cecil said.

Cecil said he was thankful he did not hit or was not hit by any other cars on 465.

“I tried pumping the break and turn(ing) the wheel and it wasn’t stopping. It kept spinning. (The car) smacked right into the median down there and it spun me all the way back right into the middle of this lane,” Cecil said.

Cecil was not the only driver who lost control of his car. Mayra Guel said she was lucky a semi did not hit her truck. Instead, Richard Luttrell was driving a van and it clipped Guel’s bumper.

“I was driving probably about 45 miles an hour when I (saw) her go out of control. I put it in neutral and tried to avoid her. (There) wasn’t (any) way (I could do that). She was all over the road,” Luttrell said.

Guel said her truck did a 360 on the highway twice.

“I literally thought that my life was ending at that moment,” Guel said.

There were 50 INDOT crews salting and plowing Indianapolis interstates, highways, and state roads on Thursday. About a total of 150 INDOT crews covered the east central district.

Nathan Riggs with INDOT said it snowed fast toward the end of rush hour. He said crews could not use liquid brine on their highways to pre-treat them because it was too cold hours before it started snowing.

As soon as it snowed, INDOT crews started placing salt. Riggs said they needed moisture for the salt to stick and work against wind, cars on the highway, and traffic.

INDOT crews will be working 12 hour shifts -more than likely- through Saturday. They will be monitoring the forecast and will make adjustments as needed. They remind people to drive slowly.

“The roads don’t seem as bad today, but don’t let them fool you because they’re slick and I never thought it would’ve happened to me,” Guel said.