Winter to tighten grip with more snow and bitter cold

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Brace for a big blast of cold to finish of the work week.  Late Thursday evening temperatures were on the rise, reaching the lower 30’s just after 7 PM in many western Indiana locations.  In a matter of hours, a cold front will sweep the city and the state sending temperatures in to a free fall.  An arctic front will pass the city between 2 and 3 AM and by sunrise temperatures will have dropped more than 15 degrees.  Brisk winds and steady temperatures Friday in the low to middle teens will produce a wind chill of o to -10 at times.


A lobe of bitter cold air arriving Friday will bring snow along with it.  An upper level spin or low pressure will activate vigorous snow showers by sunrise and produce additional accumulation for the morning commute.  Locally a 1” plus snow can’t be ruled out.  Off and on snow showers are expected through Friday late afternoon – any of which will quickly drop visibility and lay down quick coating of snow.


Snow fell quickly Thursday morning coating central Indiana with a 1.5″ of snow by noon.  An intense line of snow swept the city around 2 pm cutting visibility to zero and producing snowfall rates of 1″ per hour.  That final surge of snow brought the total snow to 2.4″ in the city with 3″ amounts from Crawforsdsville to Fishers.  Long time weather spotter from Marion measured the highest total at 4.3″


Thursday snowfall reports

Over 2” of snow fell officially in the city Thursday bringing the season snowfall to 29.5”.  A remarkable tally in a winter that is nearing the mid-way point and places this winter firmly in the record books as the 4th snowiest all time to date.  Only the winters of 1996, 1974 and 1918 produced more snow through the 16th of January.

The seasonal total is 239% the normal (12.3″) and 17.2” above normal.  Currently this is the 33rd snowiest season on record.

Dog Days

Snowfall for the season


Another fast moving and hard hitting “clipper” low pressure system will dive into the state bringing more snow in Saturday afternoon and night.  The jet stream steering winds will play an important role as to where the highest snowfall will occur with early indication sof 4” or more possible.  Exact location is still up for debate and currently targets north north-central and eastern part of the state north of I 70.  The devil is in the details so be sure to check back.  It’s possible the city could see several more inches of snow.

fox futurecast

Forecast radar Saturday afternoon.


Overnight computer runs have taken a new direction in the longer term patter out the next 8 to 14 days.  Both the U.S. Model and Euro model have gone into a full blown cold pattern emerging by next week as the brutal cold “polar vortex” begins a new journey south.  A chunk of the cold arrives early next week with  the heart of the cold coming south later into next weekend.  Both are in agreement that the core of the cold could sink back into the U.S. full bodied sending the eastern U.S. into another deep freeze.  If the U.S. model has its way a cold wave would begin around the 22nd of the month lasting through February 1st, with day time temperatures only in the single digits or even below zero!  That’s is something we will be hawking over in the days ahead.

Jet Stream

DAY 10 forecast Jet Stream. “Polar vortex” on the move again later next week?