Family still living in hotel days after storm

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INDIANAPOLIS – Nearly two weeks after a winter snow storm crippled life for thousands of Hoosiers, one Central Indiana family is still waiting to get back home.

For the past eight days, Emily Quinn, her husband, and their two young sons have been living in a hotel near their south side home. They don’t expect to get back for another week.

“It’s hard to stay strong every moment,” said Emily Quinn.

She took Fox 59 to her house to show us the extent of the damage.

“This was once a shower,” she said as she stood in an empty space in the bathroom. “The pipes had burst into the shower. The hot water pipe had burst.”

She said first the power went out so she and her husband opened all the faucets in the house and left to stay with relatives. When they came back to check on the house, the pipes had burst and the bottom floor of their home was flooded under nearly two inches of water.

“It was wall to wall water.”

The damage is so extensive that repairs will take several days.

It’s hard for Quinn to watch her boys wish they were home, but the hardest part is not knowing the family will be able to afford a special trip to Disney World with her sick father. It’s a trip she’s been planning for some time; one last “hurrah” with grandpa for her boys.

“I pray that we can still go,” she said with tears in her eyes. “I don’t know how long he’s gonna be here.”

For now it’s day by day for Quinn as she tries to make the best of a bad situation.

“It’s hard to not let your children see that side, because you don’t want to break down for your kids.”

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