Save money on your bill with cheap television options

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How much is your TV bill? Most bills are more than $100 per month. So, here are some ways to drastically reduce your TV bill.

Sign up with a service like Aereo. You can watch live TV through their antennas. It’s $8 per month and includes a remote DVR.

You can also buy and use your own antenna. Over-the-air channels are still free and they are HD! You can mount the big antennas on your roof for a couple hundred dollars or less. And if you live within 50 miles, some set-top antennas will work. Lowe’s has three price options.

“We have one antenna for only $9.97.  It’s useful within a 30-mile radius from the TV transmitters. You will have to adjust the antennas occasionally to get the channel you’re looking for,” said Todd Byczek, manager at Shadeland Lowe’s “We also have antennas you don’t have to adjust for under $50. As long as you have a digital television, all you have to do is plug in the antenna, and connect your co-ax cable from the antenna to the TV, and you’re pretty much ready to roll.”

Here’s another money saver if you have the internet, you can watch directly from TV network websites. Hulu has episodes for free. Amazon Instant Video has a growing selection of shows and movies available for their Prime members.

And you can also stream TV shows and movies from your computer to your TV so you don’t have to watch on your smaller computer. Roku, AppleTV or Google Chromecast are examples that allows you to stream to your TV.

It’s not new, but it is another easy way to get programming right to your TV through the internet. Gaming consoles have offered the service for quite some time. Two of the major examples are Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360.

Finally, call the cable company and pay less by getting the most basic of basic cables. For Comcast it’s called “limited basic,” which they don’t advertise. It’s closer to $20 a month, instead of $40 for “basic.” You’ll get all your local stations, and the government channels crystal clear, but not much else.

Whatever you do, make sure your alternative method provides you with the channels you want before you drop the service you have.

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