‘Ag-gag’ bill author offers amendment satisfying some concerns

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The office of State Sen. Travis Holdman (R-Markle) issued a news release Tuesday announcing that Holdman would offer an amendment to his agriculture trespassing legislation during today’s Senate Committee on Corrections and Criminal Law hearing. The revamped bill, widely known as the ‘ag-gag’ bill last session, failed to pass the General Assembly last year.

In its original form, Senate Bill 101 would make it a crime for “an unauthorized person to knowingly or intentionally enter a farmer’s property and engage in activities that result in a monetary loss to the farm’s business, such as videotaping farm operations and posting the video online.”

Officials said Holdman’s amendment would remove that language and make it a crime only if a trespasser causes property damage to the farm.

Holdman’s office said he authored the amendment after several conversations with several organizations that expressed concerns about the bill, including the Hoosier State Press Association.

In a written release, Holdman said:

“This amendment was the result of careful consideration and contribution from a variety of actors. I’m grateful for that input, which helped me tailor the legislation to best address their concerns. I believe the changes I am offering will focus the bill on its intent – to protect the operations of our state’s agricultural sector.

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