‘Bieber effect’ can hurt children, says Indiana mom

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INDIANAPOLIS – An Indiana mother who lost her 17-year-old son in a car accident is speaking out in light of Justin Bieber’s arrest in Miami.

Kelly Head of Moores Hill made a Youtube video blasting the pop star for his alleged actions.

“If I was your mother, I would take you in the back of that wood shed and give you a whoopin’ that you would never forget!” she says in the video.

At first, her rant sounds funny, but then it takes a very serious turn and her viewers discovers there’s a heartfelt reason behind it.

“I lost my child, he was 17 years old, in a car accident, because they were speeding,” she tells her viewers.

She told Fox 59 how her son and his friends made a bad decision in 2002 that changed her family’s life forever. She said they drove recklessly and hit a tree. The driver survived, but her son who was a passenger died.

“Justin Bieber is making reckless decisions and I don’t think he realizes how many people he’s affecting by doing these things,” she told Fox 59.

She is talking about what many people refer to as the ‘Bieber effect;’ the pop star’s influence on a mass audience made up of impressionable youngsters.

“There can be such a thing as a Bieber effect,” said Mental Health Counselor Camishe Nunley of Healing Hidden Hurts in Carmel. She explained that it’s a lot like celebrity idolization; if they celebrities are doing it, then it must be okay for everyone to do it.

That’s why Nunley teaches parents to be the role model and get involved in their child’s life at an early age so they know what’s right and what’s wrong.

“To be able to tell them you know there is such a thing as a rebelling stage, but this is totally inappropriate and you don’t wanna go there and here’s why.”

For Head, the ‘why’ is simple. It’s a mother’s heartache that never goes away.

“I went crazy for a while. I mean, no mother should have to go through what I went through.”