Brief warm up brings weekend snow then bitter cold returns next week

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The bitter cold is not letting up just yet and winds will remain brisk keeping the wind chill overnight and early Friday at dangerous levels.  The Wind Chill advisory has been extended until noon Friday for most of central Indiana.  Actual air temperature is forecast to dip to -8° in the city and combine with the wind to drop the wind chill back to -15° to -30° through Friday morning.

Winter Advisories ADI


Friday morning will be the 3rd straight morning of below zero temperatures and the 6th of the season – most since winter of 2006 / 2007.  25 nights fell below zero for the record in 1977 and 1963.  The current forecast includes another round of bitter cold next week with subzero temperatures, we may be headed to the most subzero nights in a winter since 1994, 20 years ago.


The bitter cold and clear skies at sunrise brought another wave of beautiful “sun dog” pictures Thursday morning.  These “false suns” are the product of refracting light through ice crystals with a sun  low in the sky.  Makes for some beautiful pictures over the  snow-field of central Indiana.

Sun Dogs

” Sun dogs” over central Indiana Thursday morning


A fast-moving system will drop south Friday from Canada, this latest “clipper” system will bring snow back to central Indiana overnight Friday into Saturday morning.  A 6 model average of snowfall for the city is running at 2.6”  with a spread or range of 2.0” to 3.9”.  Similar to last weekend’s system this storm has cold air to work with potentially bringing a higher snow ratio.  We will watch new computer runs for adjustments on the snow totals.  Given the latest low pressure track a band of 2” to 4” is likely from northwest to southeast Indiana.


Snowfall Forecast Saturday Morning


A heavy band of lake effect snow swept across La Porte county Thursday afternoon and is partially to blame for massive pile up on I 94 near Michigan City.  Authorities reported 2 fatalities at the time of this post.  Under these snow squalls heavy snow will fall along with visibility dropping to near zero.  The bands are often only a few miles wide so travelling through these snow bands can be very dangerous.  We continue to follow this story and will update later tonight on FOX59 News at 10 PM

Michigan City, IN

Massive pile up in North Indiana Thursday


Bitter cold still en route with fresh load due here late early next week.  The wicked winter patter shows no sign of letting up – a product of warm Pacific waters.  The connection to our cold, a strong jet stream out over the ocean is driving the jet stream which is strengthening storms that push warm air north into Alaska.  This creates a buckle in the jet stream poking the cold air south into the eastern half of the nation.

63% of the days this winter have been below normal – and the average temperature of 26.7° currently ties us for the 24th coldest winter.

Full Disk Satellite

Warm air driven north along with strong storm in the Pacific Ocean behind the cold here

North American Temps

Alaska warms while we turn cold

With the exception of a brief daily warm up the overall pattern should not break as long as the ocean temps in the north pacific remain warm.  A break out of average high temperatures here over the next 16 days continued to run 20° below normal though the first week of February.  The next arctic front hits late Sunday and sends temperatures below zero by Monday morning.  The coldest morning is forecast Tuesday with a  projected temperature of -15° in the city, equaling the coldest of the season from earlier in the month.

Jet Stream

New Cold Blast next week. Could be coldest air of season?