Man chooses to live on the streets during brutal cold

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This cold is no joke. It’s dangerous and potentially deadly if you aren’t dressed for it. So why has one man chose to live on the streets this week?

He’s hoping to start a conversation about the homeless and their plight in the circle city.

All it takes is one conversation with Jeffrey Kincaid to see why. He’s been homeless before, and he knows what it’s like. That’s why he is passionate about reaching out to those living on the streets and getting us to pay attention.

“I’ve been so ready to go home, but they don’t get to,” said Kincaid.

Jeffrey Kincaid is dressed for the weather. But no amount of clothing can protect you from the biting wind, when Monument Circle is your home.

“I just really feel for everybody out there, what they’re feeling. I just wish I could help them all you know. Having been there first hand, I know how it feels inside,” he said.

Jeff’s time on the streets this week is a personal crusade his doctors cautioned him against. He started Saturday night and chronicled the days on his Facebook page, called Camping For A Cause.

He wants people to donate to The PourHouse, an Indianapolis group that helps the homeless.

“I intend to go until Saturday at noon,” he told FOX 59.

But Kincaid’s week of waiting ended abruptly Wednesday night.

“I took a trip to the ER, and they advised me this is the first signs of frostbite,” he said.

He said he wrestled with the decision to call it quits, but common sense won out. He’s already planning a community-wide camp out for next year.

“Being around to see a cause until your dying day, that’s what endures,” he said.

The PourHouse is still taking donations from Jeffrey’s campaign. They are also asking for winter boots they can provide to the city’s homeless.