Players donate to concussion research

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (January 23, 2014) – The NFL faces a concussion crisis that some say threatens the very future of the game.  Many former players are coming to terms with the damage they may have done to their brain during their career.

“I have had numerous concussions and I have memory loss,” said former Colt Bill Schultz.

But now, some former players have come together to help fund research into the effects of concussions and how best to avoid them.  Members of the NFL Alumni Indianapolis Chapter presented a check for 35-thousand dollars to the IU Health Neuroscience Center.  It will support the Center’s Brain and Beyond Youth Education program.  A program that teaches young players and their coaches about concussion dangers.

“We think that whatever problems are occurring  start at a young age, whatever we can do to understand that prevent future problems will be most important,” said Dr. Nicholas Barbaro.

The players themselves know better than anyone the stakes here.  They’ve seen participation in youth football drop.  They want to make sure a new generation of players will be able to learn the valuable lessons taught by the game they still love.

“I think a lot of life skills and character development you build being on a team sport.  I think its tremendous and I don’t think the kids can miss out on that,” said former Colt Mike Prior.