Colts fans spotted among Super Bowl Media Day hype

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NEWARK, NEW JERSEY — Since the Super Bowl in Indianapolis started the trend, fans have been allowed to attend the much-hyped Media Day the week leading up to the Super Bowl.

This year was no exception, as fans joined the media at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ for another big Media Day.

Indianapolis resident Dan Petty, who was at Media Day selling merchandise, saw firsthand that you didn’t have to look far to find some Colts’ flavor in the crowd.

“I’ve seen all kinds of Peyton Manning jerseys, some of them two different colors,” Petty said.

In fact, plenty of blue and white #18 jerseys peppered the crowd.

“{I’ve) been watching football since I was a kid. … From (their) Baltimore days … (I’ve) followed the Colts and just wanted to show my support,” fan Angelo Prinzo said.

Prinzo was decked out in Colts gear and even though he thought he’d be alone, there were quite a few Colts’ fans in attendance.

Even fans that support other teams had plenty of love for Peyton Manning, especially those New York fans who are used to seeing his brother.

“We’re Manning fans, great family, it’s amazing that two brothers have been in Super Bowls. It’s one of the hardest events to get to,” Giants fan Rob Ruffalo said.

The only problem was that seeing Peyton wasn’t easy, since he was flanked by an incredible amount of media.

It didn’t phase Prinzo, though, who said having Peyton Manning here is the next best thing to the Colts themselves.

“(I’m) real excited to be here. I don’t know if it’s ever coming back to Jersey again so I wanted to make sure I was here,” Prinzo said.

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