Purdue students travel to Wisconsin to mourn the death of a Boilermaker

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andrew boldt

Andrew Boldt

WEST LAFAYETTE – Purdue students traveled to West Bend, Wisconsin to say goodbye to a friend who was tragically killed on campus.

Andrew Boldt, 21, was shot and stabbed last Tuesday while in a basement classroom of the electrical engineering building. Authorities arrested Cody Cousins, 23, and charged him with murder. Cousins is being held at the Tippecanoe County Jail without bond.

It has been one week since Boldt was murdered and his friends expressed how difficult it has been to deal with the tragedy.

“(Andrew) was one of the most amazing guys I’ve ever known. (He is) somebody who is extremely…energetic and extremely passionate about what he did,” Dan Spall said.

Tuesday afternoon, more than 70 students were taken to Boldt’s funeral because Purdue provided buses. Each bus had counselors and faculty members on board.

“This is certainly part of that step to go and remember Andrew and to celebrate his life with people who love him. I certainly think this is an important part for those that wanted to attend today,” Interim Dean of Students, Jim Hintz said.

Boldt was supposed to graduate in May with an electrical engineering degree. His friends said he was involved with many different organizations and many people knew him.

Friends of victim and suspect in disbelief following fatal shooting at Purdue University

Andrew Boldt

“He was such a clear thinker and a funny guy and (he was) just great to be around,” Adam Rice said.

Adam Rice grew close to Boldt this year. He said he reached out to a counselor to share his feelings.

“I’m still having problems – I guess – processing it. I understand logically what happened, but it’s just hard to come to terms with,” Adam Rice said.

Adam Rice said a handful of students met with Boldt’s parents earlier this week.

“It’s definitely a tough time and since they were so far (away) – (they’re) just getting to know more about his college experience and the people he was able to impact and influence here,” Adam Rice said.

Because many students were touched by Boldt, they wanted to travel 248 miles to Wisconsin to show his family support.

“Andrew (is) one of the best guys I know. He’s definitely a role model for me,” EJ Williams said.

Students are expected to return on campus around 4 a.m. on Wednesday.

“I hope that it shows (his family) just how good of an impact Andrew had and help them remember yes he was young, but he still did a great deal for his life. He’s not an unlived life,” Spall said.

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