Anderson couple shares nightmare of being trapped in Atlanta

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ANDERSON, Ind. (Jan. 30, 2014) — They’re calling it a nightmare. An Anderson couple is happy to be home, after being stuck at the airport in Atlanta for two days during the winter storm. Between rubbing elbows with hundreds other stranded passengers, and sleeping on the cold, hard airport floors, you can imagine what it was like when they finally got a flight home late Thursday night.

The pictures coming out of Atlanta are like something out of an apocalyptic thriller. Abandoned cars on a deserted highway. But, it’s a true story told by Michael and Jodi Bain.

“When we started to land there, I looked outside and I could see the traffic, I’ve been to Atlanta 20 times, and I could see all the traffic. I knew right then it was a nightmare,” said Michael Bain.

This nightmare happened while they were awake. It was real.

“I started feeling panic, because I just felt like we weren’t gonna get out of there for another day,” said Jodi Bain.

In total, the Bain’s spent Tuesday and Wednesday Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson airport. They couldn’t get on their Indianapolis flight, and other folks had the same problem trying to get where they needed to go. The Bain’s couldn’t even get to a hotel, so they had to be crafty.

“We found a nice isolated area, we got our blanket that they were offering, and we laid down…toothbrush, haha,” The Bains said.

About 15 minutes later, police told them to leave the area. So, they turned the vinyl covered, slightly cushioned terminal seats in to their bed.

“People in the restaurants, there was at least two of them closed,” they said. “There were so many people that they couldn’t keep up with the trash, cans were starting to get overfull.”

Finally, the nightmare ended when they’re standby status got them on a plane for Indianapolis around 8:30 Wednesday night.

“Didn’t realize how good home is until you’re somewhere where you can be,” said Michael Bain.

Their luggage was lost, and was expected to be delivered back to them Thursday night.

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