Behind the scenes: What makes a good Super Bowl commercial?

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There will be plenty of action when the Denver Broncos take on the Seattle Seahawks on Super Bowl Sunday. In between plays, there’s also the best commercials of the year.

Fox 59 went behind the scenes with Young & Laramore Advertising, the creators of the Farm Bureau Insurance ad set to air right before the big game. Their 30-second teaser features a man in his recently-broken-into apartment, humming into a fan.

“You’re not looking to interrupt the show with an ad. People are waiting to see what you’ve done.” said Tom Denari, Young & Laramore President. “You have the largest television audience you’re going to have the entire year.”

With each 30-second spot averaging a $4-million price tag, brands are going beyond the traditional TV spot to maximize their investment. Some are airing teasers or the entire spot altogether on the Internet days before Super Bowl Sunday. Others are even hijacking the big event with faux ads posted online.

“That’s a big trend right now — do the Super Bowl ad that’s not on the Super Bowl,” said Denari.

With so much competition comes a lot of pressure. These local ad guys attribute a good campaign to creating an emotional connection with their viewers.

“It’s the fine line between just smart and funny that’s going to break through,” said Trevor Williams, Young & Laramore Creative Director.

Whether it’s smart humor or a tear-jerker, there is no real formula. With social media these days, though, advertisers can get real-time feedback on which commercials succeed or fall flat.

“If something interesting happens, you’re going on Twitter to see what other people have to say about it,” said Denari. “

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