Hamilton Co. families get help during propane shortage

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NOBLESVILLE – A local organization is helping families, who may not be able to afford propane gas this season.

The Good Samaritan Network of Hamilton County has helped families after they have been referred to their organization. The organization does this with the help of many other agencies, including emergency management.

“Its really hit us hard ’cause we help a lot of people. (We help them with) gas, light, oil, and propane and (we help them with) car repairs and we do this every day of the year and it really hurts when these prices go up so high. It’s hard for us to help,” Executive Director Nancy Chance said.

Families across the Midwest have been impacted by propane shortages.

“(With) the prices (the way they) are now, elderly (people) and some of these couples and families are really struggling to make that payment and so they’re crying for help and some of them we’ve never seen before,” Chance said.

The Good Samaritan Network of Hamilton County helped about 5 to 6 families this week.

“We’re filling up their tank 150 gallons just to get them over the hump through this tragedy we’re facing right now. It’s just really difficult,” Chance said.

Governor Mike Pence declared an energy emergency in our state. Hoosiers have been asked to conserve the amount of propane gas they use. The attorney general’s office has been monitoring the situation, making sure Hoosiers are not ripped off. Half a million Hoosiers use propane gas to heat their homes and many businesses use propane gas too.

Bitterly cold temperatures continue to cause major problems for families across the state.

“Next week coming, I’ve very concerned,” Chance said.

Chance said they spent about $10,000 in 2 and 1/2 weeks to help families pay for propane gas and oil. Chance said she would like to see families reach out to organizations, if they need assistance.

If you need help, regardless of the county you live in, call 211.

Chance said it is critical for people to donate, in order for them to continue to help families. The person donating can indicate the money should be used for assisting clients.

“I just think people need to support agencies that are supporting people. People that have the ability to donate money (should donate money),” Chance said.

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