Another wet weekend expected

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Here’s a look at the worst case scenario

We are tracking another busy weather weekend here in Indianapolis.  Looking back at January, we saw at least some rain if not snow falling each weekend.  Overall we saw 15.4 inches of snow falling on just the January weekends in Indianapolis.  That weekend trend of rain and snow will continue this weekend with the potential for more than 2 inches of snow falling in the city. More will be possible to our north.

Dog Days

Timeline of events…

Snow isn’t the only thing we will see falling from the sky this weekend.  The ‘meat’ of this weather sandwich is rain that will fall off and on through your Saturday.  This, along with highs in the 40s, will effectively melt off any newly fallen snow.  The second part of the sandwich could put down as much as another inch to perhaps two inches of snow. I don’t think we get anywhere close to 2 inches on this system’s backside on Sunday morning, but it will depend on how fast cold air moves in and if that happens before the moisture rich warmer air moves out. History tells me that we should go with the lower totals as the most likely in this situation.

Winter Advisories

A look at winter weather advisories

We are also tracking the potential for another snow storm impacting the area Tuesday and Wednesday.  At this time it looks like the ingredients are there for the potential for a decent snow maker.  As it is with any major winter storm, this system and how much everyone gets will be dependent on the exact track of the system.  As we mentioned yesterday it is probably a bit too early to make any predictions when it comes to how much snow we are going to get.  Have a great weekend!