Crews hit the roads as snow falls on Central Indiana

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INDIANAPOLIS – Crews are already out in and around Indianapolis to tackle the next round of winter weather that includes a rain and snow mix.

INDOT will maintain its crews on 12 hour shifts through Sunday. This season’s extremely cold temperatures have made it tough for the agency to melt the ice, but this weekend calls for warmer conditions.

“As those temperatures drop, especially below 20 degrees, salt becomes less and less effective,” explained Nathan Riggs, spokesman for INDOT. “The temperatures are going to be much more favorable for melting ice and snow. With that being said, we still need to be cautious because we’re looking at time periods of freezing rain.”

Indy’s Snow Force took advantage of the milder temperatures in the last few days to clean its fleet of trucks. It has already called in 90 drivers to patrol the City’s main roads.

“Even just an inch to two inches of snow can stick and create slick spots,” said Scott Manning, spokesman for the Department of Public Works. “We’re very fortunate in that we have the resources, we have the man power, we have the equipment in place to deal with heavy snow fall and ice and cold temperatures.”

Much of what will keep drivers safe also depends on their actions on the roads. Both agencies ask everyone to reduce their speed and give plow and salt truck drivers plenty of room to do their jobs.