IPL to light up headquarters for Peyton Manning during Super Bowl weekend

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Jan. 31, 2014)– Indianapolis Power & Light Company (IPL) is recognizing Peyton Manning this weekend as the former Indianapolis Colts quarterback plays in Super Bowl XLVIII.

Beginning Friday night, IPL’s 10-story downtown Indianapolis headquarters will display the number 18 in orange lights for the Denver Broncos.

Also, during the month of February, IPL will recognize the Indiana Pacers with a “P” in the windows during all home games, and recognize American Heart Month and Valentine’s Day with the shape of a heart.

IPL’s light display consists of energy-efficient, long-lasting bulbs and is controlled by a computer.  Each window in the IPL building holds one LED luminar which has a set of 12 red, green and blue LED lights.  When mixed together, the computer controller can produce more than 16 million different hues.