Parents of Lauren Spierer ask for evidence in civil case to be sealed

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INDIANAPOLIS (Jan. 31, 2014) – The parents of missing IU student Lauren Spierer want a judge to seal evidence in the civil suit filed against two men over her disappearance.

Her parents said the order is necessary to prevent the disclosure of private and sensitive information that may be included as the case moves toward a trial.

The lawsuit says Corey Rossman and Jay Rosenbaum gave Spierer alcohol even though she was already intoxicated. Spierer’s parents claim the men—who were among the last people to see her—failed in their “duty of care” to their daughter. The motion was filed Wednesday.

“This parallel civil matter involves similar witnesses and evidence as the open criminal investigation,” the motion said. “A protective order is necessary in this matter to protect the public disclosure of private and sensitive information that could detrimentally affect the ongoing criminal investigation and ensure an impartial jury at trial.”

Spierer disappeared on June 3, 2011, after a night of partying with friends, including Rossman and Rosenbaum.