Peyton Manning’s impact still being felt at hospital bearing his name

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Inside Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at St. Vincent, there are many lasting reminders of Manning’s legacy.

From pictures he took with young patients to Manning’s football jerseys from the Colts, and now the Denver Broncos.

“We started having a relationship with Peyton in about 1998 when he first came here,” said board chairman Vince Caponi. “He wanted to know the doctors and nurses. And certainly he wanted to know the patients and their families.”

The hospital was named after Manning in 2007 but that relationship with the hospital- and its patients- didn’t stop when Manning signed with the Denver Broncos. In fact, just before the Broncos came to Indianapolis to play the Colts last October, Manning called one young cancer patient on the telephone.

“He told me was praying for me and my family and that we were in his thoughts,” said patient Madeline Friendling.

Brandon Eaton, 13, is also thinking about Manning as he sits in his hospital bed.

“(Everyone at the hospital) wants him to win because he did all this for the hospital,” said Eaton.

And hospital officials say Manning has done much more than just show and say hello.

“He’s a perfectionist,” said Caponi. “And if we’re not doing (something) right, he’s not shy about telling us that.”