Hoosiers make trips to hardware store before snow

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INDIANAPOLIS – Hoosiers are buying more winter supplies before its expected to snow on Tuesday.

Hardware stores have their displays in the front, where it is easy for customers to see and to grab the items they need.

“I’m here to buy ice melt,” Kristin Robinson said.

Robinson stopped by White’s Ace Hardware in Nora, Monday afternoon. She typically only purchases ice melt at the beginning of the season and it lasts through winter. This time it was different because of the back to back snow storms central Indiana has received.

“Hopefully, it’ll last through this winter and then maybe at the beginning of next winter. I’m just stocking up,” Robinson said.

White’s Ace Hardware in Nora has been busy.

“With the extreme cold and the snow that we’ve had this winter, our sales have actually been up considerably. (For example) just general repairs, especially plumbing repairs, people buying ice melt, buying snow shovels, (and) snow blowers,” Store Manager Dean Dontreger said.

This year their top-selling items are ice melt, shovels, and portable space heaters.

“We try to forecast what the winter is going to be like or the season and we did run out of ice melt just for a day or so. We actually had to get some out of Utah because our supplier was completely out,” Dontreger said.

Dontreger said their store has ordered more winter supplies this year than last year. He said they are in a good position and have items that customers can purchase to get prepared for the storm.

“I just put in another order for some more ice melt. It should carry us to the end of the season here,” Dontreger said.

Dontreger said they won’t begin planning how much they need to purchase next year to sell their customers until spring or summer.

Sullivan Hardware, located off Keystone Avenue, continues to sell winter merchandise too.

“Oh. This year (the) demand has been much greater than last year,” Sullivan Hardware Owner Pat Sullivan said.

Their store has been flooded with customers too. Sullivan said he was worried about having enough ice melt. He said they have branched out to other suppliers because of the demand for supplies.

“We’re really getting low and when I want to reorder there (are) lot of zero’s (and) a lot of out of stock (labels) on the different products. So then you start bringing different products (in) that you haven’t stocked before just to have something,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan said they have not stopped reordering supplies this entire season.

“We’ve been bringing shovels (in) almost every week, but again for retailers you get to a point where you also have spring products com(ing) in. Your fertilizer (starts) coming (in) and then you don’t want to get stuck (with winter items),” Sullivan said.

Sam Moore found what he was looking for at Sullivan Hardware, this morning. He needed ice melt.

“I’m glad to be ready. I think I’m ready. I don’t know what’s going to happen between (now and) tomorrow. I might be back here again,” Moore said.

Moore needed ice melt for his parents’ driveway. He does not mind this year’s roller-coaster weather.

“No sense complaining about it. It’s Indiana,” Moore said.