Snow removal contractors prepare for DPW’s call

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INDIANAPOLIS – Larry Davis is one of those people that just loves his job.

“With bells on, I’m here!” said Davis. “I have two brothers and we all push snow. It’s been in our family for 18 years.”

His company admittedly isn’t one of the big dogs in town, but Davis Superior Lawn Care and Snow Removal is seeing a boom in business.

“This year, by far, has been very exceptional.”

Davis has already earned three times what he normally does in a snow season.

On top of his own work, he’s a contractor for the Department of Public Works.

DPW plow drivers cover the main and secondary roads, and the city calls in contractors for residential streets when we get more than six inches of snow.

Davis said he usually gets the call once a season, but he’s already been called in four times.

“It’s a good feeling inside to know that we’re doing something for the community to help service the community.”

“We get really excited when we know this kind of snow is coming. The main thing is just making sure our equipment is ready and gassed up, and then we just wait for that phone call.”

DPW hadn’t put contractors on standby as of Monday, but that could come Tuesday.

Davis is getting ready just in case.

“I’m checking my equipment,” said Davis. “I’m making sure all the equipment on my truck is up and going because the last thing we want is a breakdown in the middle of the snow.”

Ninety DPW plow drivers are set to hit the roads at 11 a.m. Tuesday. A fresh set of drivers will arrive at 11 p.m. Plow drivers will alternate 12-hour shifts until the main and secondary roads are clear.