Cold winter pattern continues, more snow this weekend

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It has been one cold year

Temperatures fell below zero both yesterday and this morning, bringing us to 10 sub-zero degree days this year.  It’s rather remarkable that before this year it had been nearly 3 years since the last sub-zero degree day.  More temps below zero look to be heading our way next week with this upcoming Monday and Tuesday looking especially cold.

This weekend snow returns to the forecast with a couple of small waves that all together could add up to about 1-3 inches of snow overall.  Snow totals could even top 3 inches for places near and just north of Lafayette.  This season already ranks as the fourth snowiest season ever with 44.4 inches of snow.  The snowiest season ever occurred in ’81 – ’82 when 51 inches of snow fell in the months of December, January and February.   With anticipated snow this weekend and the middle of next week, it looks like we will make a run at the snowiest season ever here in Indianapolis.

So what can you expect as you head out the door today?  It’s going to be frigid but sunny through the day with us calling the day mostly sunny officially.  Temps will start to slowly tick up after about 1 p.m. and clouds will arrive overnight tonight.  Temperatures will continue to go up overnight with today’s high hitting just before midnight.  Temperatures will continue to go up for most of the day on Saturday.

Weekend snow will be possible so it will be important to take your time getting to where you are going.  Areas in central Indiana should expect to see additional snow totals up to about 3 inches.  Monday and Tuesday highs will be in the mid-teens with lows possibly falling below zero.  We begin to finally warm up as we head into Wednesday and Thursday with highs in the mid-20s on Wednesday and near 30 for Friday.