FOX59 Office Olympics: Jim, Ray, Angela compete

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Who needs to go to Sochi? FOX59 held the Office Olympics Friday morning. Jim O’Brien, Angela Ganote and Ray Cortopassi tested their mettle against each other in a display of grace and athletic prowess.

Check out the videos below to follow the action.

Opening Ceremony:

Emcee Larra Overton introduces our competitors in their official team gear: Jim “Radar” O’Brien (representing Team Polar Vortex), Angela “Needs Some Z’s” Ganote (representing Team No Sleep) and Ray “Bigfoot” Cortopassi (representing Team Sasquatch).

Chair Luge:

Angela takes a huge lead early in the competition before stumbling across a “track hazard.” Jim takes advantage by crossing the finish line first to win the gold! Ray stops short of the finish line to console Angela in a dramatic display of sportsmanship.

Downhill Skiing:

Ray takes a huge spill on the downhill course, but who won the competition? It’s impossible to tell. In this event, it appears the elements emerged victorious.

Medal Ceremony:

Finally, the winner is revealed…and it’s Jim “Radar” O’Brien from Team Polar Vortex, who took the gold for his win in the Chair Luge. Angela wins silver and Ray takes the bronze…

Not so fast!

A video review awards the Chair Luge win to Angela, shaking up the final standings!

Some play-by-play from FOX59’s Twitter account: