Indianapolis airport officials say “no” to Bieber art exhibit

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Feb. 7, 2014) — Take a look at the picture with this story. Hash tag “Belieb” was going to be up on display, but the airport decided against it.

Anyone who follows pop culture would know that the #Belieb is synonymous with a certain hip hop icon. But, because of the negative publicity following him around, the airport changed it’s mind.

Good or bad, Justin Bieber has pretty much become a household name. He used to be known for his talent, now it seems when people here his name, they think of the outbursts and this mugshot where you can tell he’s still trying to look hot. Bieber’s popularity on social media started #Belieb, which was going to be on display at the Indianapolis International Airport. Not anymore.

“When you look at the family atmosphere of an airport, it would look like the airport, in my opinion, was endorsing perhaps this type of behavior,” said Bob Duncan, airport director.

That’s why he, and others at the airport, decided to scrap the plan to add this colorful exhibit. Airport officials say $500 was paid to Hoosier artist Tre Reising to design something to blend hip hop culture with fine art. That is what he came up with.

“I think it was a mutual miscommunication of what we thought was coming and what the artist ended up with,” Duncan said.

By email, Reising told FOX59 the sculpture was meant to be playful and cute, and designed so fans coming through the airport could take pictures with it and share via instagram.

“I made the artwork not that I like or dislike Justin Bieber’ss music. I think he is interesting as a cultural phenomenon. I approached the artwork as more of a question or social experiment than taking any pointed side that the user should get.”

So now that we’ve told you why this art exhibit is not going to be here at the airport, we went through the crowd to ask people what they think.

“It’s a good thing,” said one girl. “He’s cute, but he shouldn’t be publicizied.”

“Yeah, I’m kinda disappointed in Justin, Justin Bieber, what’s his first name,” asked another woman.

Many of the folks we talked to say they are glad the airport decided to pull the plug on this exhibit considering what Bieber’s going through. By the way, the airport is going to pay Reising for his costs and his work.