Another wave of light snow tonight, how much snow to expect

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FOX_FuturecastWe are still looking at a few waves of snowfall passing through the state this weekend.  The first one to worry about is the wave moving through the northern third of our viewing area this afternoon. Here’s a snapshot of Fox Futurecast at 6:00 PM showing the northern wave as it continues to impact portions of our viewing area.  As for snowfall amounts this afternoon and early this evening, you can expect 1″ or less of snow if you are in this northern third of our viewing area.  We could see some light snow showers as far south as the I-70 corridor but little to no snow is expected to accumulate in this region.  This would include Indianapolis.

The next best push of snowfall comes in overnight and hangs around for early Sunday morning.  This is going to bring an area-wide chance for snowfall with the best accumulation happening right through the center of the state.  This time this would include the I-70 corridor and the city of Indianapolis.

Here’s a breakdown of that overnight snowfall starting at 4 AM through 10 AM in 2 hour intervals:

Snowfall Forecast CITIESThe amount of snowfall is what I’d like to call more of a nuisance than anything.  We are not looking at an incredible amount of moisture but with the lifting that happens in the atmosphere early Sunday morning, we should be able to squeeze out enough snow to measure it.  For Sunday morning, 1-2″ of snow is possible.  And as you can see from Fox Futurecast and where it places snow, the highest band could cut right through the middle of the state and lesser amounts to the north and south.  For the weekend all together, 1-3″ of snowfall still looks like a good bet since each wave is impacting different zones of our area.  If each one had hit the city, then we would have seen more impressive snow totals.  But even with this light amount of snow expected, please continue to be careful on the roads because this will provide a fresh coat of snow to keep things slick.

Flurries will be possible throughout Sunday with potentially a stray snow showers at times. Fox Futurecast is picking up some spotty snow showers on Sunday afternoon, especially in eastern Indiana.  But we shouldn’t see anymore accumulating snow after the noon hour.  Temperatures will increase into the upper 20s across the state if not closer to 30° in our southern towns.


FCST_High_TempsA ridge of high pressure will start to impact us starting on Monday and this will help reduce the cloud cover across the state but it will also bring in our latest bout of arctic air.  Temperatures on Monday morning should dip down close to zero and only recover to around 13°F that afternoon.  Even with a light wind, feels-like temperatures will be near zero for the majority of the day.  Temperatures will reach their coldest point going into Tuesday morning this week.  We are forecasted to drop to -8°F that morning.  Winds are expected to be light but even a slight wind will drop down that feels-like temperature even more.

Temperatures on Tuesday only top out around 12°F in Indianapolis, colder for those of you in the northern part of the state.  Temperatures will finally start to rebound on Wednesday with a southeast wind returning.  We should see temperatures in the upper 20s that afternoon with partly cloudy skies.  Even more mild air arrives on Thursday with a high of 35°F expected.

As for snow this week, we don’t have any huge systems to focus on at this point.  There’s a minor system coming in Thursday night into Friday morning that could bring a quick round of light snowfall.  As for next weekend, the models are pretty split on how intense our Saturday system will be.  We just need a little more time to get a good grasp on that system.

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