Tri-West makes homecoming special for two autistic students

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LIZTON – Never was tabulating votes more exciting to a high school teacher.

But that’s how it was for Camille Dorrell as the began to count up the votes for a bit of a unique event at Tri-West High School that was just over a week away. The life skills teacher at the school was looking to see who among the student body would be named to the Basketball Homecoming Court.

Yes, basketball. The traditional fall football event was brought indoors by the school for their Friday, February 7th home basketball game against Southmont. It doesn’t have quite the pomp of what happens in September or October, but it makes for a unique break in the monotony of a cold winter.

“It’s a lot closer,” said Dorrell of the advantages of the basketball homecoming. “We’re all in here together where as football is a lot more spread out, we have the parade. Everything is right here.”

Including that homecoming court and right in front of Dorrell as the number of votes continued to be tallied was something remarkable. Two of her students, Seth Knox and Kelser Roeser, were continuing to compile votes to be among the 16 that would get the chance to be apart of the homecoming court.

“I was like ‘Oh my gosh’,” said Dorrell, as the votes continued to pile up for the two students. “This is going to happen.”

It meant so much to the teacher of Knox and Roeser, since she helps them on a daily basis overcome their severe autism to get an education. Despite having the ailment, the pair have been accepted as equals by their fellow Tri-West students which was shown with the Homecoming Court and what happened a few days later.

To see the story of Seth and Kelsey’s unique homecoming experience at Tri-West High School, click on the video above.