More choosing to gift a gun this Valentine’s Day

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WESTFIELD – Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and this year, many men will give a gift that will mean more than flowers or candy. They will give their significant other the gift of safety with a gun.

Recently, a the Rosenberg Police Department in Texas posted the suggestion on its Facebook page. While no Central Indiana police department has publicly pushed the idea, it appears to be catching on.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if we have a number of people coming in on Friday on a date night,” said Tim Tomich, owner of Tim’s Shooting Academy in Westfield.

He told Fox 59, he has seen several men and women shop around his gun store for Valentine’s Day.

“Shortly before you came, we just had a lady buy a gift certificate for her husband that she’s going to give him on Valentine’s Day,” he said.

While it may seem like a man’s world, Fox 59 has reported before, the number of Central Indiana women choosing to purchase and learn how to use a gun is on the rise. Manufacturers in the gun industry are even targeting women with weapons better suited for a woman’s grip and comfort. There are even new handbags designed to make it easy to conceal a weapons and holsters, like a pink bra, that target women.

If you are shopping for a firearm for your significant other, Metro Police urges you to make sure your sweetheart is also properly trained.

“It requires repetitive practice,” said Lt. Dale True, IMPD’s Range Master. “If you have someone who has made the decision that they are well versed in the safe and lawful operation of a firearm, I can argue that yes, they may be more protected. If you have someone who’s not familiar with that same firearm, they haven’t made the mental, physical, and spiritual decisions that are necessary to be effective with that weapon then I would say that they are probably less secure.”

Tomich feels the exact same way. Whenever a new customer comes in, he said he always steers them towards private or group lessons, because proper training is the best gift of all.

“Hit the target, be comfortable, and enjoy the process,” said Tomich.