No amendments in Senate for HJR-3, measure will not appear on ballot

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INDIANAPOLIS (Feb. 13, 2014) – Indiana voters will not find House Joint Resolution 3 (HJR-3) on the ballot this year.

The Senate did not try to amend the bill to restore the controversial second sentence that opponents feared would ban civil unions.

Because that second sentence was dropped by lawmakers in the House, it wasn’t likely the issue would get to voters at the ballot box this year, unless the Senate was able to change HJR-3 back to its original form.

During the Senate’s Thursday session, Sen. Mike Delph, R-Carmel, posted on Twitter that the second sentence did not have enough support to pass the Senate.

Freedom Indiana–a coalition of businesses, universities and Hoosiers who opposed the constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage–released the following statement in response to Thursday’s move in the Senate from campaign manager Megan Robertson :

“Six months ago, if you’d said lawmakers would refuse to put this issue on the ballot in 2014 by stripping out the deeply flawed second sentence, I’d have said there’s no way.
“What happened today at the Statehouse is a testament to the tens of thousands of Hoosiers who have shared their stories with lawmakers and with the public to show the harm this amendment would do to their families and our state. It’s clear that lawmakers listened.
“We continue to oppose the amendment in any form, but make no mistake: This is a huge victory.
“We are grateful to lawmakers for their openness and transparency during this process, and we thank them for conducting the discourse in a civil, respectful manner. We also owe an incredible debt of gratitude to our coalition partners who believed in our mission from the outset and to the Hoosiers who selflessly gave their time, effort and resources to the campaign.
“Today will go down in Indiana history as a win for freedom.”

Dan Spehler’s updates on Twitter:

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