Deliveries start early to beat Valentine’s Day snow

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Feb. 14, 2014) — Deliveries got underway extra early at McNamara Florist Friday morning to ensure flowers would get to their destinations despite the expected snowfall.

Toomie Farris with McNamara said he and his team had watched the forecast for Valentine’s Day and planned ahead.

“Our guys were here until ten or eleven o’clock last night and they routed everything so everything is put together by zone and closed together and put together and then they were in at five this morning starting to pull things out, starting to load trucks and contractors cars an hour and a half, two hours earlier than we normally do,” Farris said.

He said deliveries to schools and businesses will be first, followed by residential deliveries.

Supplies of flowers from Miami were able to get to central Indiana before the snow and ice moved through the southern part of the country earlier this week. However, delivery orders to parts of the Northeast may be difficult to make, Farris said.

Other local Valentine’s Day delivery operations planned to stick to their schedule Friday. Blue the Colts mascot will be delivering valentines around central Indiana. Stephanie Pemberton with the Colts said Blue’s schedule was on track for Friday after making several deliveries Thursday.