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Hoosiers have a tough time with the latest snow storm

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Feb. 14, 2014) — Driving was not easy Friday with the fresh snow cover on the roads. And even though the snow has stopped, the roads are still very slippery.

The drive home from work was especially difficult for many people, including Jason Spoolstra. He was on the phone with police dispatchers trying to take care of a crash he was involoved in at Missouri and Washington in downtown.

“Guy behind me, seems as though he was driving a little fast for the weather and came up on me and slid, lost control, skipped off them and rear ended my baby,” Spoolstra said.

The baby that he is talking about is the Jeep he’s had for two years. The back end of it suffered a bit of damage from the impact by the SUV that, he says, hit him. Luckily, everyone was able to walk away from it. Whether the snow actually caused the crash isn’t known, but what is for certain, the roads were a mess during the height of the storm.

You were driving at a snail’s at times on the south loop and U.S. 31 in Greenwood. Good idea, especially if you were looking to avoid sliding off the road.

Frozen windshield wipers were another obstacle. Many Hoosiers found themselves having to smack the wipers a few times to get rid of the snow and ice build up. Tow trucks and the drivers were getting a workout Friday, plucking cars from the snowy roads.

And with the downtown Indianapolis crash, police told the folks involved it would be a two hour wait for one.

“I’m probably ready for some warmer weather, break out the golf clubs,” Spoolstra said. “I’m definitely over the snow after this.”

If you are daring enough to go out somewhere tonight, it’s probably a good idea to go about half of what the posted speed limits are.