Indy couple celebrates Valentine’s Day with a Harley-Davidson wedding

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INDIANAPOLIS – February 14th is supposed to be a day of love, and a Valentine’s Day wedding is pretty common. But you’ve probably never seen a wedding like this before. One couple got hitched Friday inside a Harley-Davidson Dealership!
Deana and Christian Manning wanted to get married somewhere memorable and fast. Harley-Davidson of Indy fit that description, so they made it official Friday, despite the snow.
Imagine it – your wedding day, and roads look terrible.
“With the weather some people couldn’t make it,” said Deana Manning.
Deana Manning didn’t let the snowy circumstance bother her.
“I couldn’t believe I was walking down a row of all these bikes,” she said.
On this day of love, she exchanged vows at Harley-Davidson of Indianapolis. It’s the first wedding the dealership’s ever seen.
“We were trying to think of some place different, but it turned out Deana came up with the idea and called Harley. They’ve been awesome since,” said Christian Manning.

Christian Manning is a loyal Harley rider with a bike of his own. This is his first marriage, and he wanted to make it official quickly, telling Deana she had two weeks to plan the ceremony! The dealership gave the green light for the couple to tie the knot in the Harley way. Both said they couldn’t be happier.

“Just nerve-wracking. I couldn’t believe it, couldn’t believe I got to get married at a Harley-Davidson. We got to get married at Harley-Davison,” said Deana Manning.

As for honeymoon plans, those are Harley-themed, too.

The couple plans on attending the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota in August.