Many wait till last-minute to buy Valentine’s gifts

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INDIANAPOLIS – Lots of Hoosiers scrambled to grab a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift, Friday afternoon, and it couldn’t have been at a worse time due to the onslaught of snow.

Whatever the excuse, the Meijer store on Pike Plaza was full of last-minute lovebirds like Reginald Harris.

“I should’ve done this last night,” he said while holding a bouquet of roses and a card for his wife. “This morning… she had already got me something! So I had to go out to get something.”

Antwan Willis’ shopping cart, which was full of flowers and teddy bears, looked like he was trying to make up for being late, but he was actually one of the cool cupids.

“Oh this is just the small stuff. She got bigger gifts already,” he said. “I try to show her how much I love her.”

A few people said they waited till the last-minute on purpose so they could grab fresh flowers.

“I think the flowers are fresher then,” said Kirk Rist.

Whatever the reason was for being a last-minute shopper, everyone had the same advice: It’s better late than never.