Southern counties welcome snow instead of spring on Valentine’s Day

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JOHNSON COUNTY — Despite wishing they could move into the mindset of Valentine’s Day and Spring on the way, drivers in central Indiana’s southern counties found themselves battling through snowy roads Friday.

It took less than an hour for State Road 37 to become snow-covered and cause quite a few slide-offs through the afternoon.

“They’re so localized that they come fast, they come hard and they will put a lot of snow down very, very quickly,” INDOT Spokesman Harry Maginity said.

Crews did put down brine and pre-treatment days ahead of the storm, Maginity said, but slick spots still popped up in many areas.

“This has been a tough winter. We got spoiled the last two winters … it’s catching up with us right now,” Maginity said.

The snow came just as Hoosiers were hoping for any sign of Spring, instead of more snow.

“I keep looking at the forecast … and they keep saying, well someday it’ll be 40 degrees or 50 degrees and it seems like it keeps getting pushed out,” Bloomington resident Rex Swing said.

Swing and wife Diane spent part of their Valentine’s Day shopping for winter gloves, instead of chocolates and jewelry.

At J.L. Waters & Co in downtown Bloomington, that sign of Spring should be popping up now but is being held off.

“Typically we’d be having our Spring items come into the store around now, but that would be lighter jackets and short sleeves and we’ve been pushing those back a lot,” buyer Kimberly Weber said.

Patience may be the name of the game, particularly when it comes to driving on Indiana roads through this weekend.

“(I’m) ready for it to be over. It’s tested our endurance,” Swing said.