Light snow moves in tonight but a warm up in still expected

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Snow moves back into the state this evening and should arrive to the city of Indianapolis around 10 PM.  We are looking at 1-2” of snow in our area with the possibility of up to 3″ of snow in some isolated spots.  If you are east of Indianapolis, you’ll start to see snowfall after 11 PM if not closer to midnight.  Snow showers should end across our area by 4 AM.

Snowfall_foreastWe’ve been keeping an eye on the radar today and how this system has been trending so far.  Upstream in places like Iowa, I’m seeing 1-2” snowfall reports, so we should be on track for a similar snowfall forecast.

We could also break the snowfall record for the winter season tonight if we get 1-2″ of snowfall.  It will actually only take .6″ of snow to break the record of 51.0″ of snow from 1981 to 1982.  But many of you have been asking questions regarding these snow numbers because there are a lot of numbers being thrown around out there.  So here’s a quick video explaining the difference between the “snow season” and the “snow year” when it comes to weather statistics:


Winter Season Snow Records (Dec-Feb)

So to review, the “snow season” is your snow total when adding up December, January and February.  This is meteorological winter.  But if you want to encompass any snow that happened within the coldest part of the year, then you have to look at the “snow year” statistics.  This runs from July to June and will pick up any of those snow events before winter officially begins and the snow events that happen after winter officially ends.

SUNDAY: Skies remain mostly cloudy on Sunday and temperatures stay below freezing.  Temperatures should climb to 28° on Sunday afternoon with a light winds from the northwest at 3 to 5 mph.


EXTENDED:  But the warm up beings on Monday along with a chance for rain, snow, sleet and freezing rain across out state.  This system will be a little complicated because we should see a sharp divide between who gets snow and who gets rain.  And between those two zones we could see a brief period of freezing rain or sleet.  Fox Futurecast has this system arriving  to our area on Monday evening around the drive home. The models today were more focused on rain in Indianapolis first and then turning over to a light snow before we wake up on Tuesday morning.

Temperatures will continue to rise behind this system.  We’ll increase to the low 40s on Tuesday with mostly cloudy skies.  Wednesday will be partly cloudy with a high around 47°. We could see temperatures in the upper 50s by Thursday with showers moving through and even some rumbles of thunder. This will melt plenty of our snow.  The NWS is already adding to their discussion the potential for minor flooding late this coming week due to melting snow and the potential for heavy rain on Thursday.